In case you missed the news, the BCT Editorial Board has endorsed Bruce Garganio and Mary Ann O’Brien for Freeholder!

bruce maryann

Here are some of the highlights from their endorsement of Bruce and Mary Ann: “…but we believe you should vote for Garganio and O’Brien” when they compared all 4 of the candidates.

The BCT Editorial Board went on to say about Tom Pullion and Mike Schmidt; “…. And while we realize that the candidates can’t know the specifics on every issue, we believe they [Pullion & Schmidt] should have a more in-depth knowledge of county matters at this point in the campaign.”

In regards to Buttonwood Hospital, Pullion and Schmidt have tried to claim that 300 jobs were lost, which is not true by any means. In fact, “ninety percent of the employees were offered job, and the new owner is considering an expansion of the facility, according to Garganio and O’Brien.”

When it comes to creating jobs, the BCT states that “Garganio has helped do that, bringing Burlington Coat Factory to Florence and Destination Maternity to Moorestown.

With Mary Ann O’Brien, the BCT states that she “has excelled at ground-level interactions with county residents, promoting or expanding several successful programs in response, including plans for a mentoring program for women, Meals on Wheels, and a workforce development institute.

In closing, the BCT stated that they “believe the Republicans’ track record and experience will matter most to Burlington County residents.

The Burlington County Times endorses Bruce Garganio and Mary Ann O’Brien.


The article can be found here.