Jim Kostoplis Desperate to Conceal His
Double-Dipping Track Record from Taxpayers


Already guilty of misleading voters on his Facebook page

For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Russell

Mount Holly, August 4, 2016 – Sheriff candidate Jim Kostoplis’ desperation to conceal his obsession with double-dipping from taxpayers has him already misleading voters on his Facebook page, charged the Burlington County Republican Committee today.

Kostoplis’ Facebook post (below) alleged that Sheriff Stanfield was “attacking [him] as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT.” The problem for Kostoplis is that it never happened.
Jim Kostoplis

“Nobody has attacked Mr. Kostoplis for being a volunteer firefighter. Rather, the very justifiable criticism he has received is because Kostoplis is currently double-dipping on taxpayers to tune of more than $90,000 a year, and if elected he will more than double his annual income and pocket over $200,000 annually from taxpayers for just one job. That is an irrefutable fact,” said GOP spokesman Chris Russell, who cited Kostoplis’ current $2,500 income as a Bordentown Township Fire Commissioner coupled with his $88,491 taxpayer-funded retirement pension, the latter of which would be added to a $120,000 Sherriff’s salary if elected. “Jean Stanfield collects a salary for her job as Sheriff and does not simultaneously collect a pension. If elected, Jim Kostoplis would collect the Sheriff’s salary plus an annual taxpayer-funded retirement pension that is more than twice the annual income of an average Burlington County resident. This is a clear difference between the two candidates and a key issue in this campaign.”

Instead of trying to mislead voters, Mr. Kostoplis should pledge to freeze his annual taxpayer-funded pension if elected and collect only his Sheriff’s salary.

“The editorial board of the state’s largest newspaper said Kostoplis’ double-dipping greed was an ‘obscenity’ that ‘makes suckers out of taxpayers’ in Burlington County and around the state,” added Russell. “If he’s doesn’t want to be criticized for it, he shouldn’t have run for public office. Voters have a right to know.”