Reva Foster Needs to Look in the Mirror

GOP spokesman suggests she get her own fiscal house in order before launching personal attacks; Freeholder Tiver challenges her on issues

For Immediate Release
Contact: Chris Russell

Mount Holly, August 29, 2016 – Retread politician Reva Foster should take a closer look in the mirror before attacking Latham “Robert” Tiver and saying he needs “more real world experience” to serve as Freeholder, charged the Burlington County GOP today in response to a press release from the Burlco Democrats over the weekend.

“Mr. Tiver is a highly-trained and certified Heavy Equipment Operator with a private sector trade union and was an elected Councilman in Southampton Township; Reva Foster makes over $120,000 per year in taxpayer money as a political patronage hire in Willingboro and has a twenty-year history of getting sued and penalized for failing to pay her taxes and her own personal bills. How Ms. Foster can lecture anyone about their fitness to manage county government when she can’t keep her personal finances in order is beyond me.”

Tiver, who last week outlined a positive platform for his campaign, said Foster should put the personal attacks aside and say what she would do differently as Freeholder.

“Does Ms. Foster disagree with this year’s county budget that cut the county property tax levy? Does she oppose my call for a ban on double-dipping because it would embarrass her double-dipping running mate, Mr. Kostoplis?” asked Tiver. “Instead of taking ill-advised shots at me, she should talk about what she would actually do as Freeholder.”

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