Combat Veteran & Navy SEAL Ryan Peters Condemns Burlco Dems for Playing Politics with Terrorism in Wake of Seaside and NYC Attacks


Republican Freeholder challenges Democrat county candidates to disavow “moronic” Facebook post by Democratic County Committee

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Contact: Chris Russell

Mount Holly, September 19, 2016 – Republican Freeholder Ryan Peters, a Navy SEAL who has seen numerous combat tours across the globe called a recent Facebook post by the Burlington County Democratic Committee “moronic” and challenged county Democrat candidates Jim Kostoplis, Sander Friedman and Reva Foster to disavow it immediately.

Democrats Facebook Post

“Within minutes of breaking news about a possible terrorist attack in Seaside on Saturday morning, the Burlington County Democratic Committee tried to score political points off the near tragedy with a dishonest cheap shot aimed at my Freeholder colleagues, Mary Ann O’Brien and Latham Tiver,” said Peters, who pointed out that later in the evening a second bomb exploded in New York City injuriing nearly 30 people, and this morning bombs were found at train stations in North Jersey, all apparently linked to the same individual.

“Whoever was responsible for this moronic poltical smear should be disciplined, and the county Democratic ticket of Jim Kostoplis, Sander Friedman and Reva Foster should condemn this trash immediately. As someone who served in the military herself, I would be deeply disappointed in Ms. Foster didn’t stand with me on this, said Peters, who supports the proposal by Freeholder Tiver to ban people from double-dipping on taxpayers in county government.

Moreover, Peters said he’s been stunned at how the Democrats have dug in their heels to defend the practice of double-dipping, which the state’s largest newspaper called an “obscenity” that “makes suckers out of taxpayers” and NJ Spotlight highlighted it in an article today. (Source: and

“This is very simple,” said Peters. “Demanding taxpayers pay you a salary and a retirement pension at the same time is wrong. Our state is in dreadful fiscal conditon and it’s in part because of these loopholes being exploited by people to line their own pockets at taxpayer expense. I am astonished that the Democrats are defending it.”