Hirsh Singh Voter Fraud Efforts Condemned by Chairman Earlen

Mount Holly, NJ –  I’m appalled by Hirsh Singh’s reckless and ill-advised efforts to encourage voter fraud. This unprecedented election is confusing enough without a perennial candidate throwing a political Hail Mary and recommending voters return multiple ballots – which is clearly against the law.

I join fellow GOP leaders including Chairmen Ambrosino and Barlas in condemning Singh’s blatant attempt to mislead voters and add more hurdles to the already overburdened vote-by-mail process.  This blatant ignorance further emphasizes why 17 county GOP organizations, including Burlington County, endorsed Rik Mehta over Singh. Voters must say no to the Singh-Richter slate who will say anything and do anything in their quest to grab a title. This is the latest example of why all Republicans must say no to these dirty, underhanded tricks by Singh and Richter and support real conservatives Rik Mehta and Kate Gibbs in next month’s Primary Election.

– Chairman Sean Earlen